Clare Thornton

Collaborations with Jan Steinum

Norwegian artist, Jan Steinum and I have been occasional collaborators since 2003. Using sculpture, film, performance and photography, we support each other to produce co-authored installation pieces both for gallery spaces and unconventional/unexpected settings.

Grey Gorges Cast No Shadows

Trømso, Norway

September 2014

We developed our initial response to Kurant’s Grey Gorges Cast No Shadows (GGCNS) Open Call whilst spending time together on the Curfew Tower Artist Residency in Northern Ireland in October 2013. Living so far apart we can only talk and collaborate infrequently, so this has been a great opportunity to reunite and make new work together in response to the GGCNS poetic proposition.


The work was produced intensively during a 3 week residency at Kurant Visningsrom; investigating to the locality, gathering materials and fabricating the works in the space itself. Our practice is informed a great deal by literature and poetry and thus we were enthusiastic to make new works triggered by our associations with GGCNS and diverse geologies and geographies.


For this exhibition we produced a series of 3d sculptural forms and a video piece that are in dialogue with each other, the space and the poetic text GGCNS. Ours is a material enquiry, a thinking through making and an enjoyment of the process of collaborative discussion and co-authored works.


The Dialogical Chair

Lillehammer, Norway

July 2012

This site-specific installation, the first of a series was developed during a trip to Oppland, Norway where Jan is currently artist in residence at the home of the Norwegian painter Jakob Weidemann.



Wilderness Ranch

TOU Scene Stavanger, Norway

August 2007

Developed during a TOAH Residency, performance, video and sculptural works explored moments of tension, resistance, and release, investigating site, emotional landscapes and the thrill of ‘in-between’ positions.

TOU Scene invited us to present the outcomes of our residency in August 2007 using the venue’s 1000sqm beer halls space to show the new works.