Clare Thornton

News about Clare Thornton

It is with great sadness that we announce that Clare passed away in April 2019 following a long illness.

A funeral was held on Thursday 2nd May in Plymouth followed by a gathering at KARST, Clare’s artistic home, where we celebrated all that Clare shared in her life with others.

A warm and fitting obituary has been shared by a-n,¬†written by Alexia Holt, associate director and visual arts programme producer at Cove Park and a close friend of Clare’s during her time in Glasgow.

Before her death Clare set aside funds to establish a memorial residency opportunity in Plymouth for a mid career artist, such as herself, using her old studio space at KARST.

The Clare Thornton Memorial Residency aims to provide the successful applicant with the time, space, funds and critical engagement to develop and resolve new artwork and culminate with an opportunity to show it publicly either at KARST or other public space and time befitting the work.

It was Clare’s wish to also offer a way for others to contribute to supporting this residency by matching and adding to her own donations through a crowdfunding campaign.¬†This campaign has been overwhelmingly positive and the support received has been a testament to Clare’s warmth and generosity in her friendships and her practice. The funds raised will no doubt make for a meaningful legacy that Clare only hoped for.

Further details about the crowdfunding campaign are available here. Updates about the residency call-out will follow.