Clare Thornton

Grey Gorges Cast No Shadows

Kurant Visningsrom, Trømso

September 2014

A collaborative residency and exhibition with artist Jan Steinum.

We received funding from the Arts Council Norway to develop new works in response to the poetic text / proposition devised by the curatorial team at Kurant Visningsrom.

We have adopted a process in response to GGCNS that is one of revealing yet also concealing our adventures into the making of meaning. An inquiry concerning materials and their application to our practical intentions and poetic interpretations.

Lines, edges and rhythms of time, memory and movement.

The tangible and intangible in geographic plains and narrative space.

Light in itself is invisible, the object in it’s path draws awareness to light’s presence.


“The Kurant curatorial team write about the exhibition:

With glimmering muscovite, glass wool and ‘stone’ forms, Jan and Clare have been dwelling on and continuing the poem in Kurants space. They read the poem as a visual space, gothic and overwhelming, as it pulls ideas down from the highest point to just within our grasp. The poetic application of everyday materials emphasizes the interplay of light, darkness and shadow, and the spatial conditions that light and darkness create or subdue.

Med kråkesølv, glassull og steinformer har Jan og Clare dvelet ved og fortsatt på diktet i Kurants lokaler. De leser diktet som visuelt romslig, gotisk og overveldende, samtidig som det trekker ting innover og ned fra høydene. Den poetiske bruk av de hverdagslige materialvalgene fremhever samsvaret mellom lys, mørke og skygge, og de romlige forhold som lys og mørke danner eller døyver.”


Like the moon, so life surely has a side that is constantly turned away from us.

Unsolveable riddles soar within the world’s night.

Subtler than light.

Oh how it penetrates!

Caught within the translucent diamonds.

Forgotten then forgotten.

Our dwelling place.

Let us not gravitate towards immortality.

Let us stay in the voids, on the brink of chaos.

Grey gorges cast no shadows.