Clare Thornton


Group Show, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

13th November – 23rd December 2015

New works by four artists that explored themes of contact and surface in relation to the body and sensing. Part of the Redefining Print project which aimed to bring contemporary sculptural, digital, video and performance based practice together with the processes, facilities and expertise of the Double Elephant print workshop.


I produced two new works for this exhibition. The one piece Triadic Croquet, a ‘social sculpture’ comprising a set of 6 playable croquet pieces inspired by the costume designs of Bauhaus Theatre Master Oskar Schlemmer for the Triadic Ballet (1922). This is the table-top edition (pictured). The outdoor short course lawn croquet version of Triadic Croquet was first played at Made In Roath, Cardiff (August 2015).

On Saturday 5th December during an afternoon of live performances and events we tested an indoor version of Triadic Croquet in the Exeter Pheonix auditorium.


This piece reflects a number of recurring elements in my work, that of repetition, layering and the incremental shifts in colour as a means to place time, the processes of creative labour and the hand-made into a spatial realm. It stands in contrast to the playfulness of the other work. This piece entitled Awash both in terms of it’s execution and simplicity leans deliberately towards the meditative.