Clare Thornton

The Alternative Document

Project Space Plus, Lincoln, curated by Angela Bartram

13 February – 11 March 2016

This group show seeked to expand on the idea of the ephemeral and its loss, by offering a platform where alternative acts of legacy can be encountered, viewed and discussed.

Featuring work by Tim Etchells, Jordan McKenzie, Rochelle Haley, David Brazier & Kelda Free, Hector Canonge, Rachel Cherry, Luce Choules, Emma Cocker & Clare Thornton, Kate Corder, Chris Green & Katheryn Owen, Andrew Pepper, Louise K Wilson and Bartram O’Neill.

Parallel to capturing the event of a repeated fall through performance and its documents, the collaborative activity of Emma Cocker and I has involved the production of a textual lexicon for reflecting on the different episodes within falling, generated through the ‘free-fall’ of conversational exchange. Central to our enquiry has been the production of an artist’s publication (of the same title as our project), through which we attempt to capture and communicate the event of falling visually and linguistically. This video-work is conceived as a reading of The Italic I publication, and was presented first as part of The Alternative Document, project space plus, Lincoln, February 2016.


The Italic I (documentation2)_lg