Clare Thornton

Redefining Print

A two-year project with Double Elephant Print Workshop, Exeter


Myself, three South West based artists and a guest writer worked with Double Elephant to explore the role of printmaking in relationship to our practices of body/site/digitality.

Including an exhibition, symposium, catalogue and a limited edition box set, the aim of Redefining Print was to develop hybrid approaches and challenge traditional boundaries of printmaking, enabling audiences to see print in a new light through its relationship to the interdisciplinary practices of the participating artists.

I worked with ‘photo etching’, using photec or imagon film applied to geometric plates and printing onto folded paper. My enquiry around Redefining Print concerned folds, and the sculptural/spatial possibilities of the materials I was working with. Interests lie in drapery and the play of what is hidden and what is revealed through collage, layering and folded sculptural forms – the crisp pleats or drooping curves of paper and cloth – which informed the limited edition box set and later installation pieces during the exhibition in November 2015.

Test Photo Etching For Redefining Print photo: Clare Thornton