Clare Thornton

Home & Away

International Kultursenter & Museum, Oslo, Norway

September 2006

Creative workshops

In Spring 2006 artists Thornton, Storm & Dagnell started open/free creative workshops at the International Kultursenter & Museum, Oslo (also a satellite group at Masala Textilverksted, Drammen). These creative meetings continued over a six month period and resulted in a group exhibition – opening at IKM Gallery in September 2006. The exhibition platformed the work of all participants: a mixed media installation of personal and collective creative responses to the project theme ‘home’ – incorporating video, photography, sculpture, textile and text.

The exhibition toured to Union Scene, Drammen in November 2006

Hjemme og Borte Project Participants:

IKM, Oslo
Lena Sinika Aas, Rachel Dagnall, Aida Dukic, Hilde Erdal, Elisabeth FahlstrØm, Zahra Sayyad Far, Hansine Finvik, Tone Gronneberg, Linda Sofie Harnes, Jorunn Huser, Tanja Karlsen, Camilla Storm, Siri Eriksen Sveen

Masala Tekstilverksted, Drammen
Fatemeh, Masroora Iqbali, Haiyan Liu Jonsrud, Aishei Salih Khorshid, Monica Koroma, Haifa Al Kuzai, Maassoumeh, Meryem, Hilde Vistnæs

Further participants joined us for the ‘Cook-in-Zine/Cook-in-Tunes’ workshop. This open drop-in meeting was held at IKM Kulturverksted in June 2006.