Clare Thornton

Going Down to Barry’s

Research residency at A3 Project Space with public sharing

6 June 2014

During the first week of June I was in residency at A3 Project Space, Birmingham developing a new exhibition project ‘Going Down to Barry’s‘. Part of the ‘You Are Here’ series curated by Trevor Pitt, I responded to two sites in Digbeth and shared my initial findings at A3 during Digbeth First Friday on Friday 6th June.

Barry’s Fabrics¬†have¬†provided me with the materials for my sculptures for many years. It has now become a focus of attention in itself. Responding to the site, context and materials of A3 and Barry’s I worked between the two spaces. Researching decoration, drapery and pattern against an industrial backdrop of workshops, factory units and functional interiors, I undertook this initial research at A3 testing out sculptural/installation elements in the project space.

Going Down To Barry's Studio Works

Going Down To Barry’s Studio Works