Clare Thornton

Corresponding With Conflict

University of Bristol Theatre Collection

August – October 2014


A compelling exhibition project commemorating WWI. Commissioned by the University of Bristol Theatre Collection, with financial support from the Friends of the Theatre Collection.

The Theatre Collection invited me once again to return as artist in residence and work alongside the Keepers of the Theatre Archives towards this important new project.

Framed by the WWI centenary commemorations in 2014, Corresponding with Conflict intended to breathe new life into past works & encourage fresh encounters with it’s Collection. The exhibition provided glimpses into how conflict and everyday life become entwined, then embodied within the archive and can shed light onto how a contemporary artist might breathe new life into these stories. New art pieces were presented alongside the original wartime artefacts that inspired their production with the aim of helping visitors make deeper, unexpected connections with these evocative archival materials.

To accompany the exhibition an interpretive text was commissioned from Richard Aslan, previously Writer in Residence at Theatre Bristol.

Limited Edition

In an exciting partnership with Spike Print Studio a limited edition screen print was produced, inspired by wartime era theatre Playbills and Programmes. A 2-colour silk screen print in Prussian Blue/Burnt Umber on Zerkel paper is available as a Limited Edition of 20 for £45 and can be ordered through the studio here.