Clare Thornton

A Lexicon of Labour Movements

In The City Series, The Showroom Projects, Bristol

29 Aug – 1 Sept

Digging into the working life of the city, through its tools and its actions.

Myself and Paul Hurley explored the working dynamics of the city, its edges and its centres – of production, of expertise, of interest and skill. During A Lexicon of Labour Movements we presented an exhibition of these tools, photography, and choreographed demonstrations of the actions associated with them. In the Tea Break Talk, Labour Movements hosted a conversation on how we decipher, read and interpret tools and their relationship to our bodies.

Working in the City was commissioned by The Showroom Projects and co-produced with Knowle West Media Centre. The tea break talk was co-curated by Cara Davies (UOB researcher) with contributions from James Dixon (archaeologist) and Sang-gye (Tactile Responsive Movement Therapist).


Photo: Paul Blakemore