Clare Thornton

A Lexicon of Labour Movements – Bookwork

Publication + Performance re-presented at Work and Art Symposium, UCA, Canterbury

With Paul Hurley, March 2015


A Lexicon of Labour Movements Bookwork

A Lexicon of Labour Movements Bookwork


“We attempt to score an unbroken line along the walls of the workshops we have passed through”

This new work was commissioned by Knowle West Media Centre and has been printed by City Edition Studio, Bristol.

Inspired directly by the local tradespeople encountered, specifically by the physical actions of their work; the tasks, the tools, the integrated choreography of their labours.

How to gather and record those processes?

How to shape this new work and repeat it again and again?

Through conversation, sketches, video and photography at workplaces across St Phillips and Knowle West A Lexicon of Labour Movements began to develop.

A distilled compilation of these records it is both document of the process and score to its future presentation. The intention is that it will grow and expand to include labour movements from new workplaces.

The design and layout of this document is intended to operate as a manual for the reader towards remaking and reconstructing A Lexicon of Labour Movements.

Limited Edition

The Bookwork produced is a limited edition of 150 and is available to buy for £5. It can be ordered through the studio here.

The original performance and exhibition of A Lexicon of Labour Movements was originally co-commissioned by Knowle West Media Centre and The Showroom Projects, as part of the In The City series at The Parlour Showroom, Bristol, 2013.

The Bookwork also featured at the 2016 Volumes, Independent Art Publishing Fair in Zurich, Switzerland.