Clare Thornton


A current collaboration with artist/writer Emma Cocker. 

The Italic I

A work in progress exploring notions of touch, folding, fainting and falling through practice-based research. We apply pressure to the different states of potential made possible through voluntarily surrendering to the event of a repeated fall. The studio is approached as a gymnasium, a training space for rehearsing, isolating and interrogating distinct moments or stages within falling.

The Italic I produced during Summer Lodge 2013 Cocker & Thornton
“A diagonal helps to temper the excessiveness of the One”. Luce Irigaray, Speculum of the Other Woman

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Summer Lodge, Nottingham Trent University

July 2013

Statement of Intent: Gallery as gymnasium; residency as rehearsal; charged site for working out, for flexing mind & body through process-based tasks & exercises. Artists as operatives engaged in ambiguous tasks, whose visual poetics reside between séance, shiftwork & training circuit. Interlocking sculptural apparatuses create conditions for performed action, from repeated falling to acts of conversation. Performance documents operate as propositions evoking action, activating space in the live body’s absence.

Structures and Propositions


Proposition for repeated action (recursive loop) – this experimental body of work-in-progress (below) develops our interest in the different registers of repeated action operative in the work – (1) as witnessed in the photographic capture of motion (as chronological or sequential frames); (2) in the similarity between images from different falls (difference and repetition); (3) as a form of recursivity – the production of feedback loops. This body of work also begins to explore the role of analogue means of capture (indexicality, witnessing, being there) and the sense of how certain technologies can operate as constraints that determine the specific critical frame or conditions within which to work. The idea emerges as a collaboration between the body, situation and the lens. The images below show a work-in-progress proposition – Proposition for repeated action (recursive loop) – which Cocker and Thornton now propose to test further through future residencies.

The Italic I (recursive proposition)

The Italic I (proposition for repeated fall) colour

proposition 1

The Italic I (Recursive Loop) – proposition, produced during Summer Lodge 2013 Cocker & Thornton