Clare Thornton

Materials of Resistence

Plymouth Arts Centre

1 December 2017 – 20 January 2018

This latest exhibition explores my longstanding interest in folding and falling and its more recent means of expression through ceramics and print. I have produced a sculptural installation comprising works that adorn the interior spaces of the Plymouth Arts Centre, employing coiled, extruded clay and draped, printed pieces to explore time and pressure upon materials teetering on the edge of collapse. These curious, repetitive forms and motifs refer back to the body, a body seeking to be strong yet flexible in uncertain times.

This show features new works and existing pieces reconfigured for this context. I draw on my formal training in dance, scenography and literature and in this latest show I share how I have been influenced and inspired by two formidable women from the 1920’s/30’s namely Nancy Cunard and Baroness Elsa von Loringshoven.

A new limited edition print and publication have been produced to accompany the exhibition. Contact me here for sales.


Materials_of_Resistence_bangles01Photos (top): Jamie Woodley
Photo (front image): Nancy Cunard (1926) Man Ray, Everett Collection
Photo (bottom): Clare Thornton