Clare Thornton

About Clare

Clare Thornton was an interdisciplinary artist and educator working from a studio at KARST Projects, Plymouth,UK.

Clare put a variety of materials to work, testing their possibilities and limits to support and encourage her enquiries. Drawing on a training in dance, scenography and literature, she was excited by re-working and layering materials and ideas, and exploring this process with others. Her installations and events were often designed to bring audiences together for social and critical exchange. Her work was shown extensively as a solo artist but also in on-going cross-disciplinary collaborations with Emma Cocker, Jan Steinum (Norway), Paul Hurley and the Performance Re-enactment Society, which she co-founded in 2007 for investigating the problems and potential of performance and it’s documents with projects shown at Arnolfini, Spike Island (Bristol), FlatTimeHouse, South London Gallery (London), Gagosian Gallery (New York)

Clare used to say

“I would describe my work within a conceptual craft frame, exploring the possibilities and limits of materials to support and encourage my conceptual enquiries. I am concerned with object/body/text relations and with the craft object as a physical meeting point and means of opening up dialogue/enquiry. The object has a strong grounding potential and helps tether my thinking and reading (of theory/philosophy) into the everyday. It can become a charged ‘prop’ or means through which to stimulate exchange. I am also interested in the performative possibilities of craft.

The themes contained within my work revolve around processes of transformation and display. I am excited by what I feel to be a productive friction between conceptual, functional and critical layers of making/production.”.

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